Today’s interview with Steve McClaren on BBC One’s Football Focus, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions…

Dan Walker: “A third victory in four for Forest. You’ve had a few weeks to reflect on what went wrong, so what did go wrong in your eyes?”

Steve McClaren: “A lot longer than the minute we’ve got to sum up… If I could. A little bit at the beginning, a little bit of a mistake rushing into something. A huge disappointment from not being able to talk to Aston Villa about that job and straight away, two days later, making the decision to join Forest. Maybe a bit quick. Once getting into the job, being so ambitious, wanting to get into the Premier League, I found after about three or four weeks we were on completely different pages — the board, the chairman and myself — in what direction we wanted to go. Then the frustration starts to build up between the two, then communication breaks down, then there’s no relationship left between the manager and the board, the chairman; which is the most important in any football club. That started to break down, once that broke down the frustrations came from outside, with the fans, there was protests. Apparently they’d had years and years of not buying players, not going for it, not being ambitious. The frustration just built up till eventually it just exploded and it was a case of sitting down with the chairman and the board and saying, ‘look, which direction do we want to go in?’. I felt it was best at that stage for the football club, for the fans, for the ongoing of the club, for me to leave.”

Dan Walker: “Do you apportion yourself a slice of that blame?”

Steve McClaren: “Yeah, without a doubt. From the beginning, making the decision [to join Forest] all the way through to the very end, of course. And I think the key thing is, I’ve always said it, the relationship [between] the chairman and the manager — the vision, how you go forward — you have to be on the same pages. We weren’t, that led to frustration, and in the end the club will go on. It’s got a good squad now with Steve Cotterill and Frank Clark, the new chairman; it’s got stability and the fans deserve that. It was just something which I felt I couldn’t accept, I apportion some of the blame also to myself, there’s no doubts about that. But it’s accepting the situation which, I found frustrating I couldn’t do it.”

There should be more on the BBC Red Button next week…

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