We’ve heard everything we need to hear, but Pissing Red wonders what the owners have to do to make a real difference…

The one chink in the armour Abdulaziz Al-Hasawi let us see yesterday afternoon is almost entirely pivotal for Forest.

Whilst almost every question was fielded with a political awareness the microphones of the Nottingham media haven’t absorbed since Brian hit the bottle, Twitter leapt on the (deliberate?) disparity between the “not met” Hoddle and the “can’t comment” Redknapp.

It is for us each to decide whether Colin Fray should have then just kept throwing names at them or not. I’d also like to draw attention to the mixed-up tenses where Abdulaziz said “We ARE talking about money with each one of them…” where he’d already cited the next few days as the prescribed time for interviews.

The interview process is likely to be well underway. In the meantime, these guys have made more Doughtyesque noises than I’d anticipated.


The answers given yesterday were more or less what most intelligent people would have chosen to say if they’d taken over a club. We heard optimism and determination alongside various cautious notes and commitments to sticking with the club if promotion doesn’t come in the “two to three” seasons they spoke of.

That’s great for fans to hear but it won’t stop the top managerial candidates wanting guarantees that the owners will back them to get their own reputation and career swiftly back to the Premier League, in spite of bad luck, FFP and the players who take you up often needing contracts that see them taking you down again.

Harry Redknapp isn’t going to come here to be the new Billy Davies and survive on a diet of goodwill, near-misses and play-off capitulation. Nor is Glenn Hoddle or Roy Keane.

The decisions the Al-Hasawis make in the next few days will be judged on how dissimilar they are to when Doughty and Arthur brought in their managers, from the big names to the proven Championship managers to the up-and-coming lower league gaffer… each of whom failed to meet expectation somehow.

We have to remember that none of Doughty’s decisions were made with anything other than the same ambitions as the new owners in mind… the only thing Messers Al-Hasawi can do differently is to back a better manager to a costlier extent.

It’s going to take an inspired piece of judgement to make the managerial difference at Forest. They must discover the minimum expenditure required to buy the patience and unstinting support of the fans, without which nothing is possible; as we’ve shown manager after manager of the past decade.

Then they need to pay it.

And they’ve got a month, however good they are at press conferences.

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