Having scored four against Barnsley last Saturday, Nottingham Forest managed to concede four yesterday. Arsher Ali offers a fan’s eye view from the City Ground.

That hurt.
C’est la vie.
But rather than write cliché-ridden paragraphs, describing in detail a game that frankly no Forest fan would want to re-live, I’ll leave you with this…

A pride of unlikeable lions wandered into a forest.
This was a forest unlike any other.
It had a dormant magic.
A magic that glimmered inconsistently.
The lions knew that sometimes this forest came alive and the trees within it became tricky.
They waited three minutes.
But then something happened that they did not expect.
The trees began to fall and 24,000 people heard them (700 of those ‘just visiting’).
The lions proceeded to claw at the fallen trees, like domestic cats who live to ruin your favourite sofa.
They’d conquered the forest without any real fight.
The lions couldn’t believe their luck.
They celebrated long into the night.
But they’d forgotten one thing.
A Lion’s reign is short.
A Forest endures.

And Billy Sharp scored a great goal.
Billy Sharp.

The End.

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Image courtesy of nuttakit/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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