Sean O’Driscoll was sacked on Boxing Day, Alex McLeish appointed the day after. The post mortem continues…

1. Nottingham Forest: Why Sean O’Driscoll and I are victims of modern football — Mist Rolling In From The Trent
“I admit that I am a romantic when it comes to football. I am uncomfortable with the amount of money in the game and with the way that money directs behaviour; that it is okay to act despicably as long as you are winning football matches and that human values are subordinate to points in the league table.”

2. Did Forest Owners Listen To The Thundering Cretins? – Football 365
“Nick Miller is upset. It appears he’s supporting one of those clubs that makes kneejerk decisions that make absolutely no sense. Poor Sean O’Driscoll – he didn’t do a lot wrong…”

3. Sean O’Driscoll’s sacking is a sad part of modern football – Mansfield Chad
“The sacking is as ill-timed as it is ludicrous. Forest played some sumptuous football against Leeds – a by-product of O’Driscoll’s ingenuity and faith in his players – and ascended to eighth in the table, one point off the play-offs. How on earth could the Al-Hasawi’s justify a decision to get rid of one of the division’s most visionary, forward-thinking managers?”

4. By sacking O’Driscoll, Fawaz has gambled the fans’ trust – LTLF
“The last owner spent more than a decade trying to do it, at no little expense and with a variety of managers not quite being up to the task. Forest fans knew that hiring a famous face and chucking money around doesn’t automatically equate to promotion – in fact it can nearly get you relegated.”

5. McLeish Appointed – My Only Forest
“The goal posts have obviously moved as we have gone from a 3-5 year plan to a ‘we must go up this season’, and what McLeish is offering must make them believe it is achievable. He will be well backed and provided he monitors the squad carefully, he will recognise we only need some pacey wingers and a solid centre half.”

And one thing we will miss — Through The Seasons Before Us hangs up his boots, hopefully only temporarily.

Thank you, Sean…
“I’m going to use this opportunity to take a natural break from blogging about Forest. It’s a decision I’ve been mulling for a while anyway, as pressures of life and other factors make finding the time for this difficult to achieve anyway. I may yet return to active chronicling duties, but if we go the direction I fear under the stewardship of the Al Hasawis then I might well find myself drifting away from Forest all together.”


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