Billy came back and everything — well, most things — started looking good again… here’s a few things you might have missed.

1. Nottingham Forest 2011-12 Financial Review – Closing the Books on Nigel Doughty’s Ownership — Mist Rolling In From The Trent
“With the Doughty era now fully drawn to a close it is difficult to argue that it was a success in so much as he spent a lot of money on the club he clearly loved but got very little glory in return, essentially delivering it back to where it was at the start via an embarrassing three years in League One.”

2. Left Brian: Billy Davies returns to the helm – Left Lion
“The return of Billy Davies has all the makings of a great love story, of an Oscar winning sequel and of a multi-platinum selling difficult second album. We’re not at the stage to know if we have a Godfather 2 or Grease 2 yet, but so far it’s starting out well.”

3. That Lovin’ Feeling – The Garibaldi Gazette
“The club is paying for not putting their trust in someone for long enough, so why not give Davies carte blanche? What more could go wrong? There’s a lot that could go right. The only way is most certainly up, a situation he’s experienced here before..”

4. Billy is better than Cloughie – LTLF
“When Brian took over in January 1975 Forest were 13th in the second tier and we fell to 16th by the end of the season. Three places lost in his first five months. That’s much worse than the 11 places gained by Sean O’Driscoll in the five months that proved conclusively Sean just wasn’t that good.”

5. The Damned Forest: The ‘real story’ of Alex McLeish at Nottingham Forest – The Two Unfortunates
“This is getting ridiculous. My shopping list essentially said “Milk” and yet the Al-Hasawis are coming back and saying they can’t find any anywhere. It’s not like there’s been a nuclear apocalypse, or I’m asking for a pound of powdered unicorn horn or a sackful of hens’ teeth.”


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