Unbeaten all month? Check. Gatecrashed the play-offs? Check. Five things you might have missed? Check…

1. Q+A with Daniel Taylor — We Only Sing When We’re Winning
“My point is: it’s not a popularity contest. If that’s not good enough and I really have to give my Forest credentials I think I’m ok. I’ve travelled round the world for this team, lost relationships, taken punches, overdrafts etc etc . . but I am a journalist first and foremost and if that’s ‘sh*t-stirring’ I guess some people need to grow up.”

2. …and breathe – LTLF
“Firstly, Fawaz Al-Hasawi is an extremely lucky b*gger. The decision to hire Billy Davies was a sound one, a visionary one some might say now, but it was also a desperate one because it was simply the only thing he could do at the time to restore some popularity with the fans. So, well done also to Fawaz, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that we were only a point away from the play-off zone with Sean O’Driscoll.”

3. Five Things From Five Wins – The Garibaldi Gazette
“There’s no doubt in my mind that the increase in speed is yielding better decision making, as it results in players simply having to act and react rather than ponder and flounder. Add to this the emergence of the genuine overlapping menace of the impressive Gonzalo Jara and the industrious Chris Cohen and Forest are suddenly getting by just fine without natural wingers.”

4. With apologies to Chuck Palahniuk: The worst decision Nottingham Forest ever made – The worst decisions your football club ever made
“With your head in your hands, you speak only in vowels. And suddenly I realise that all of this: the playoff heartbreakers, the Platt era, the relegations…has got something to do with a striker named Kevin Campbell.”

5. Championship 2012/13 – LeagueSlider

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