On the pitch it’s been a season of ups and downs; off the pitch it’s been, er, much the same… Here’s the 10 most read pieces on Seat Pitch this season.

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10. Nottingham Forest: The Panini years — 1988 (10 September)
Another blast from the past, Brian Clough’s Nottingham Forest team from 1988. With thanks to Charles Erickson. Courtesy of Panini stickers…

9. Has Davies adopted a few of Cloughie’s techniques? (21 March)
Let’s not compare him to the Greatest Manager Who Ever Lived just yet… but Paul Severn thinks Billy Davies has been using a few of Cloughie’s old methods.

8. 10 of the best: Brian Clough moments (20 September)
Eight years ago today ‘the greatest manager who ever lived’ died. In memory of Brian Clough, here are 10 of his greatest moments captured on YouTube…

7. Does Nigel Clough hate Nottingham Forest? (19 October)
He was one of the greatest players ever to grace the Garibaldi and remains Forest’s all-time second highest goalscorer, his footballing brain unsurpassed in recent times. But, asks Billy Nathan, does Nigel Clough hate the club that made him?

6. The journalist interview: Daniel Taylor (31 July)
With the new season just weeks away, Seat Pitch grabbed a few moments with Daniel Taylor, chief football writer for the Guardian/Observer and long-time Nottingham Forest fan…

5. Back your team — or back off (4 December)
You’d think after everything that has happened to Nottingham Forest over the past 12 months, most fans would be relatively satisfied with the progress the club’s made so far this season — not so it appears. Jonathan Stevenson says get behind the team…

4. Can Forest learn something from Derby? (15 January)
Putting aside local rivalry, can Nottingham Forest learn something from Derby County about long-term stability? Paul Severn asks the question…

3. A transfer window masterclass (4 September)
With seven new permanent signings and four loanees, in less than eight weeks, the Al Hasawis have transformed an imbalanced Nottingham Forest squad that was in serious need of rebuilding.

2. The new stadium question (21 November)
The City Ground has been home since 1898. But, with the advent of the modern era and the forthcoming Financial Fair Play regulations, do Nottingham Forest need a new stadium? Or should they stay put?

1. Fan’s eye view: Forest 2-3 Leicester (4 May)
A late winner saw Leicester City beat Nottingham Forest to the final play-off spot. Greg Hall offers a fan’s eye view from the City Ground.

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