Aside from the odd free transfer June’s been a quiet month, ahead of the transfer window opening on Monday. Here’s five things you might have missed this month…

1. Just how provincial were Brian Clough’s Nottingham Forest? — On Goals Scored
“The adjective ‘provincial’ is regularly used to describe Nottingham Forest, particularly by those emphasizing the achievement of Brian Clough guiding them to consecutive European Cup triumphs. Its name certainly alludes to the countryside but is the club really significantly more provincial than many of the other champions of Europe?”

2. Getting defensive part 2: Partners in crime – Forest Boffin
“Since our return to The Championship, Forest have appeared to be particularly vulnerable down their flanks, no matter who is in charge or what formation they employ – it has led to some of our full-backs looking poor. We at Forest Boffin would contend however, that this problem has not been one of personnel – it has been down to a poor relationship between those full-backs and their midfield support.”

3. Around The Grounds: A Photographic Trip Around The City Ground, Home Of Nottingham Forest – Who Ate All The Pies
“City Ground, mist rolling in from the Trent. My desire is always to be here. Oh, City Ground…”

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic wins our European goal of the season award for 2012-13 – The Guardian
Simon Cox (NOTTINGHAM FOREST v Birmingham City) in fifth place…

5. A Football League SWOT analysis – The Two Unfortunates
“As the three divisions of the Football League steel themselves for life without npower and this website prepares for a month long summer break, we thought it would be appropriate to give the competition as a whole a health check, minus thermometers, but deploying that now established method of the SWOT analysis – beloved of the world of Business but pretty much applicable for any large organisation.”


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