Eight new players, a new kit, a new season, more new stuff… and five things you might have missed this month.

1. Be A Fan, Not A Cheerleader… — Football365.com
“Every club has an unhinged section of their support. The sort that will defend their club’s actions even if they advocate puppy slaughter as half-time entertainment. The sort that will tell you that your opinion is incorrect and they are right ‘just because’. The sort that will give their money to strangers on the internet in order to fund the purchase of the most expensive footballer of all time.”

2. Player under the microscope: Andy Reid – Forest Boffin
“Reid’s job is to be Forest’s main creative catalyst– to make things happen in front of him by supplying others with easy chances; he does it as well as any player at this level. Although sometimes thought of as a wide man, his movement and decision making are not those of a winger; unadorned with lightning pace, he uses his technique and brain instead, both of which are good enough to allow him to play more centrally – he does not need to run past people into space, he can create his own.”

3. Football Club Seeks Player. Must Love Goals. – The Garibaldi Gazette
“Only two Forest players, since the 2002/03 season, have scored 20+ goals. David Johnson and Marlon Harewood who scored 25 and 20, respectively. On 20 separate occasions since the 02/03 season, teams with players who scored 20+ goals haven’t gone on to clinch promotion.”

4. Exclusive! News! Facts! #itk – LTLF
“LTLF’s roving newshounds have been sniffing feverishly around the City Ground this summer picking up the scent of any news story worth cocking a leg at. Here is what they have found out…”

5. Brian Clough’s first matchday programme notes – Trentside Tales
“I know from the reaction there has already been to my arrival at the City Ground that something special is expected of me. But if you want wild promises of First Division football, big signings, and glamour in the near future… forget it! I’m not making predictions outside saying that I will be trying my utmost to put the big & beautiful city of Nottingham back on the football map.”

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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