Five wins, one draw — still unbeaten — and the return of Kelvin Wilson… here’s five things you might have missed this month.

1. Davies Can’t Complain This Time —
“While it might not quite be sh*t or bust for promotion, it’s preferable to achieve it as soon as possible. Forest are aiming for that, and Davies will not be able to complain about a lack of support if he doesn’t manage it this time.”

2. Geting offensive: The Raddy Factor – Forest Boffin
“He lurked and roamed in the opponent’s half, effective at this because of his efficiency on the ball. His technical ability means he needs less space – he is able to receive in advanced positions and pass accurately before the tackle arrives. The longer Forest retain possession their opponent’s half, the more red shirts can move up into dangerous positions – this is Majewski’s main benefit to the team.”

3. The Sean O’Driscoll Interview – The Garibaldi Gazette
“But just as it felt like people were ready to trust the manager and to buy into a vision still in it’s infancy – a man with an itchy trigger-finger couldn’t take it anymore. A single shot was fired. The Al-Hasawi’s wanted something else. They wanted… well they didn’t know what they wanted so they fawningly asked Sir Alex Ferguson what he thought that they wanted. The rest is history, and I don’t care for it much. But I’ve never quite dealt with the sacking of O’Driscoll. By dealing with it, I mean doing this. Writing about it. I know it’s not as if I was dealing with the fall of man or anything, but it’s football. And football is daft. Brilliantly daft.”

4. Three good reasons to boycott the Nottingham Post – LTLF
“Billy Davies is clearly a complex character and his fascinating psychology is one of the reasons I like him being our manager, but that psychology is no fun when he’s not speaking to anyone. As he isolates himself from the outside world, his paranoia is becoming increasingly Shakespearean and he sees enemies everywhere. I’ll let you guess who might be Iago to his Othello, though as the tragedy goes on even the divine Natalie Jackson might find herself playing Desdemona. Whatever the respective roles, the props department are already preparing for the inevitable blood-bath in the last act.”

5. Nottingham Forest FC – New Stadium Project – Chris Allwood
“The New Nottingham Forest Football Club home stadium was designed as a response to my 6th year CDP design brief and refers to my technical appraisal document (TAw). The stadium concept was developed over the year in response to my design concept investigation and site and contextual strategies. This document will aim to explain the key technical and conceptual aspects which underpin the design of the stadium and associated buildings.”

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