A couple of wins, a couple of draws and a defeat in the Capital One Cup… but here’s five things you might have missed this month.

1. Give him a ball and a yard of grass — Forest Lookout
“To supporters of a certain age, [Nigel Clough] will always be remembered fondly. It wasn’t just the goals he scored in the successful 80s team but also the dignified manner with which he carried himself. His style of play as a centre forward in his constant showing for the ball from midfield with his back to goal meant that he would regularly get clattered from behind. But he never moaned or stayed down. Instead, he would be on his feet again in no time looking for a quick free kick, usually to set up a marauding Stuart Pearce.”

2. Four points dropped or two points gained for Nottingham Forest? – Mansfield Chad
“The thing is, despite his overwhelming unpopularity outside of Nottingham, Davies gets us playing some terrific football: I’ve been hoping for a while that him and Jim are like Dougal McGuire, and the troublesome young priest that steals the grey whistle in Father Ted – Dougal, led astray by a younger, cooler figure, begins acting out. It is only when he realises what a bad egg Ji… Sorry, Damien… is, he becomes his lovable self again.”

3. The Ferguson Effect: Do Fans Really Care About ‘Censorship’ from Their Clubs? – Bleacher Report
“By excluding journalists who do not toe the party line, they are eliminating criticism, or at least doing their best to limit it. They are preventing journalists from reporting on what they might be doing wrong, from reporting what is in the public interest, indeed from reporting, in many cases, the truth. And perhaps at the most basic level, limiting access to clubs might reduce the amount of those transfer rumours we all love so much.”

4. Billy Fury Fuels Forest Fire – Untypical Boro
“The pint-sized Primark Fergie is currently fighting the local newspaper, sparring with sections of the national media, battling factions of his own fans and exchanging sniper-fire with a string of former board members from the old regime. In his previous stint at Forest he spent most of his time in verbal fisticuffs with the hierarchy of his own club too, using press conferences to berate the board and demand more money to spend. The steaming siege mentality is the engine that has driven his career and fuels his teams. And on matchdays it is directed onto the pitch. It is contagious: the Forest team and fans have become incandescent by osmosis.”

5. LTLF Exclusive – Daniel Taylor Interview – LTLF
“I’m a football writer – if a club do good things, I will write good things. If the club do things that have Forest fans worried we are becoming Blackburn mark II, I will write accordingly. I know this job well enough to know that some fans only want to read positive things about their club. Well, that’s not how it works, I’m afraid. Or it becomes Pravda.”

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Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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