A hefty international break, a new contract and the departure of Dex (on loan)… but here’s five things you might have missed last month.

1. Do You Care When Your Club Behaves Badly? — F365
“Many of the stories that emerge about Forest from seemingly well-informed journalists are routinely written off by blindly loyal fans as ‘stirring’ or ‘trying to get attention off the back of the club’ – alas, it’s optimistic at best to think that Forest are still a big or relevant enough name for this to be true. Similar defenders of Forest’s honour will accuse any scribe not fully backing the club as having an ‘agenda’. In my own case, I have had very few direct dealings with the club. They have personally treated me neither badly nor well, so this is not a piece motivated by personal slights.”

2. From the archive, 1 October 1983: Brian Clough: The man who moves men and mountains – The Guardian
“Since [Clough’s] arrival they have been promoted to the First Division, won the League and the European and League Cups twice. His name sells more newspapers than anyone in football and just recently he has taken to using his popularity with the tabloid press to earn wheelchairs for crippled children in Derbyshire. He is prepared to talk his mind and slag off anybody he disagrees with as he heads for 20 chairs. So far he has 18.”

3. The Death Knell for Nottingham Forest Ladies – The Two Unfortunates
“The whole sorry saga reflects badly on both the Football Association, who have embraced wholesale transportation of “franchises” between cities in a way that demonstrates why MK Dons (and now Notts County Ladies) should never be accepted by football fans, and Nottingham Forest, who have displayed a saddening disregard for the women and girls who have proudly worn their garibaldi shirts for decades.”

4. Heroes & Villains: Goals conceded (4-11) – Forest Boffin
“My second look at how Forest are conceding their goals. This edition neatly takes stock of Forest without Guedioura – the loss of whom, in my opinion, has caused defensive confusion in front of our back four as Billy was forced back to the drawing board. Before Gueddy’s departure we conceded 0.6 goals per game on average, since, we have conceded 1.3 GPG. Will the manner of those goals shed any light on why Forest have conceded more?”

5. Anger is an energy – Forest Lookout
“I was angry at the geography of Yeovil – why does it have to be so far away? And at my satnav for thinking that going on the main ring road around Bristol on a Saturday lunchtime would be quicker than avoiding it and staying on the motorway. And as for the wind, well that really got on my nerves too. And as for those youths stood in front of me smoking their electronic cigarettes and frequent mention of tractors…”

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Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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