Unbeaten last month and holding on to a play-off position… but here’s five things you might have missed last month.

1. Has unfair play become ‘fair enough’ at Forest? — LTLF
“The rules are the rules and Forest ought to follow them. Arrogance and belligerence seem rife within the club, from our players arguing with referees, Billy arguing with the media and Price seemingly willing to defy the Football League. For some fans this is heartbreaking – the decorum of the Clough years is long gone. Other fans, sadly, will say ‘If it gets us promoted, who cares?’ To some, fair play isn’t as important as it used to be.”

2. Clinical finishing – was Billy right? – Forest Boffin
“Let’s not forget Forest’s league position at the moment; we are 7th and only a point off the playoffs, so it seems strange that the manager is feeling the need to justify his tactics (which is exactly what Davies was doing post Ipswich – it was a statement; “I am doing my job”. If the players can’t score when Blly’s system has them creating so many chances… perhaps they are to blame) – but there is certainly pressure on the Scot from some quarters.”

3. Championship 2013-14: the fans’ half-term report – The Guardian
“Forest are sat in amongst a pack of clubs chasing promotion which is a perfectly reasonable place to be and the second half of the season, when Davies’ teams generally pick up momentum, should provide an exciting challenge for at least a play-off spot. However, the club’s strategy of spending well beyond its means, the chairman’s desire to make grand gestures about his ambitions and the manager’s need to be continually busy in the “stellar” end of the transfer market all combine to make promotion a necessity, so tensions will bubble back to the surface if we look like missing out.”

4. Billy Davies – The never ending saga – All thoughts NFFC
“The problem many fans have with Davies is not football related. Indeed, he will be judged on results, and as a manager he has undoubtedly delivered some of the best footballing moments of the last decade for Forest fans. In fact, in each and every full season that he’s been a Championship manager, he has reached the Play Offs on every single occasion, from his spells at Preston and Derby to his two previous full seasons at Forest. As it stands Forest are stuck in a rut, but by no means a rut that threatens to derail our season. With the financial backing that Al Hasawi has given to Davies, it may be slightly disappointing that we aren’t currently in the top 3, but in football terms, this has been a good start.”

5. Circlesquare: 7 things we learned from this feisty encounter – Forest Lookout
“Greg Halford’s continued deployment up top again paid off handsomely. The last two home games also go to show how fine the line is between a defensive 4-5-1 formation and an attacking 4-3-3. Away from home recently, we have looked anaemic in an attacking sense with support to the top seemingly slow in its appearance with Mackie and Abdoun often withdrawn and used to crowd the midfield. However, today and against QPR, Mackie and Abdoun seem to have been deployed higher up the pitch, seemingly confident in Reid and Lansbury to seize and maintain control of the middle of the park. Consequently, someone was always buzzing around Halford when he received the ball.”

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