Nottingham Forest continued their unbeaten run in the league as they drew 2-2 with Leicester City, although it was close to being three points. Steven the Camel offers a fan’s eye view from the City Ground…


It’s rather fitting that in a week where half of the country is under water, I find myself talking about levels. In this case, however, it’s not the level of the land that perturbs me – more the conflicting skill set and aptitude of the two teams of players on show last night.

Now, as someone who resides in the Leicestershire suburbs, you would think this fixture would hold extra significance for me personally – but it doesn’t. I don’t hate them. I don’t even mildly despise them. In fact, I nothing them.

Leicester fans remind me of the annoying creature-type thing that sits on Jabba’s shoulder and chirps up every five seconds. “Oooh, look at us. We’re Leicester. You know us. We’re that little market town that spawned such greats as Gary Lineker, Kasabian, and the Elephant Man. Please will somebody hate us? Coventry, Forest, Derby… Anyone? Jabba, give me some of that cake you vile oversized pig”

Anyway, enough of the jibba jabba – I digress.

I said before the game started that I’d settle for a point, and upon hearing the news that Hobbs was still not considered fit enough to play, it did nothing to alter my view.

The game started brightly enough, with one or two half-chances for either side. It was obvious to me at that point that this Leicester team are on a different level to us. Maybe the contrast of witnessing Lloyd Dyer skip past the ‘rapid’ Danny Collins over-inflamed my view, but the speed of some of their players is ridiculous and, quite frankly, unfair. Speaking of ridiculous – what in the name of illegal Greek manipulation were Darlow and the back four doing for their first goal? Madness. The only thing that was missing was the Tannoy blasting out the Benny Hill theme tune.

Still, give credit to Forest – we fought our way right back into the match to lead 2-1 at the break, with goals from the ever-improving Pato, and our only fit decent midfielder Reidy. I use the word ‘fit’ loosely. Which ironically enough also describes the remaining articles of Reidy’s 2003-2010 wardrobe.

Seeing Wes Morgan in a Leicester shirt still sits uneasy with me. An unknown fact I’ll now share with you all is that whilst he was at Forest ,Wes used to make big bucket loads of pre-match broth for Nicky Eaden. Only true gentlemen would bring in pots of soup and crusty loaves for other players. So I bare the ref no ill feeling for not sending him off.

That bit was a total lie, obviously. The ref totally bottled it. The soup story is true however.

Anyway, a half-time pint in the A block was needed, and as I meandered my way to the bar but who should walk past me? None other than everyone’s favourite female reporter. She smiled at me. I scowled back. She then exited hastily. Camel 1 East Midlands Today 0. Not since I stared out David Blunkett at St Pancras Station last year has anyone witnessed such a show of ocular strength.

Well, I’m running out of words so I’ll end by saying they had a man sent off but still got a dodgy penalty to eventually claim a point. Wes and Drinkwater are on a different level to Collins and Radi – so I’m happy with the result. I also particularly enjoyed the cameo of Djebbour – mincing around in his oversized PE Kit.

“Every point is a prisoner,” Billy said after the game. Quite right. I demand we immediately change our kit to black and white stripes, forcefeed Dan Harding cold porridge, and rename the City Ground ‘Colditz’.

And for those travelling to Burnley, remember: #valuethepoint

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