Forget the injuries, FA Cup disappointment and Paterson’s goals… here’s five things you might have missed this month.

1. Why you should have heard of Jamie Paterson — The Inside Left
“It is a dangerous game to make comparisons with players who are at a different level, but his ability to score with his head or either foot, alongside the more traditional skills of a winger, put me in mind of Cristiano Ronaldo.”

2. Could this finally be the year? – All thoughts NFFC
“It does seem that after so many years of crushing disappointment, this really could be the best shot Forest have had of returning to the Premier League since the relegation of 1999. It isn’t just the stats that offer hope, but the squad itself. Very few would deny that the current squad is noticeably superior to the side which finished 3rd in 2009/10, and man for man Forest are now a lot stronger, with the luxury of being able to cope with injuries. ”

3. Whatever will be, will be… (we’re not going to Wembley) – LTLF
“Why does history keep repeating on Forest? Why can we never fully grasp these opportunities? It might be a case of ‘boo hoo, get over yourselves’ as every team has chances of glory that they throw away – this year’s FA Cup draws have, as they did for Wigan last season, opened up a path to the final that many unfancied club would, erm, fancy. We’re not the only team currently nursing wounds and cursing our luck.”

4. Two-thirds gone – eighteensixtyfive
“What does all this add up to? Simply, Forest are not good enough for automatic promotion; Leicester keep chugging on, Burnley, in the words of the 5live commentator on Saturday, are “unstoppable”, QPR have the ability to sign every player they want, and all three have a lot more points than we do. I guess that leaves us with the play-offs – ugh. The big worry is that we may not make it that far due to the players we are missing, combined with the fact that Billy Davies teams have been known to slump in the last third of a season, usually after a decent December and January.”

5. 74% Headers Won: Why Arsenal & Liverpool Chased This Tough-Tackling Starlet – Squawka
“Playing in the Championship tests your defensive abilities to the limit as most teams tend to play with a strong target man up front in a bid to hold the ball up and bring onrushing midfielders into play. Lascelles has proven that, despite being just 20-years-old, he is more than able to deal with this type of striker, dominating many an aerial battle this season and winning a total of 74% of his 87 headed duels.”

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