Despite going seven games without a win in March, one event has overshadowed all the other recent goings on… here’s five things you might have missed last month.

1. Left Brian: March — LeftLion
“At times, I quite liked Billy Davies. I thought sometimes he got us playing attractive football. He was keen to win and whenever his goals were congruent with those of Nottingham Forest we did well. The problem – the same problem as last time – was that when Billy had to choose between himself and this club, the club never stood a chance.”

2. Billy, don’t be a hero – Forest Lookout
“Again, plenty has been written already (least of all by me) regarding this matter but put simply, he managed to take our reputation as a lot of people’s favourite second clubs (largely thanks to the legacy of a certain Brian Clough), crumple it up into a tight ball and hurl it ominously towards the trash. This is going to take some retrieving, uncrumpling and even ironing to get it back to what it was.”

3. After Billy Davies, Nottingham Forest Need Root and Branch Reform – The Two Unfortunates
“The Al-Hasawi family have owned the club for less than two years and yet we have seen them spend close to £60M (including £20M buying the club) and sacking four managers in that time but with little genuine progress. They need to invest in the less glamorous stuff of structures and processes to make sure that when they spend on the team it delivers value and success.”

4. Half a decade of Billy Davies – LTLF
“But what was at most an aspect of Davies’ initial tenure and departure became the basis of his entire second stint. Fawaz Al-Hasawi’s statement and the sudden appearance of the latest face from the glory days at his side has shown that this fundamentally ruthless owner has learned another important lesson: you can’t let your cousin run the club, you can’t get the trust of the fans just by asking for it and you can’t let your manager’s cousin run the club, either.”

5. Nottingham Forest: Fawaz Al Hasawi facing tricky times – BBC Sport
“But the obvious doom and gloom aside, there are reasons to be cheerful. Forest still have serious financial clout from owners who maintain they are unwavering in the dream of bringing Premier League football back to Nottingham for the first time since 1999. And despite concerns about interference from above, there there will no doubt be an impressive list of candidates clamouring for the job.”

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