A last-gasp equaliser from Michail Antonio saw Nottingham Forest grab a 2-2 draw with Ipswich Town, which continued the unbeaten start to the season. Steven the Camel offers a fan’s eye view from the City Ground…

Big Sam once said that fans of all teams need to understand the huge significance of not losing a game of football. When you can’t win it, then get Carlton Cole on and lump it up to him – at head height; feed off the scraps; whatever you do – don’t lose the game. No manager wants to endure those vicious East End bubbles being blown in your face.

‘Value the point…’ That was the actual term spouted by the oversized East End hoofball wizard – and it’s a phrase Forest fans need to get used to if the last few weeks are anything to go by.

Anyway, the day started with the mother of all hangovers. A two-day stag do in York is not the ideal preparation for a Sunday game, I can tell you. The only thing that stopped me from recreating the projectile vomiting scene from The Exorcist was the sight of the team sheet. Fryatt restored to the starting line-up would surely enhance our propensity to score a goal, and seeing as the last three games had ended 0-0 it was a much needed shift in the attacking personnel.

Given the general Sunday malaise that’s often witnessed in games played on God’s rest day, the game started at a surprisingly high tempo with chances at either end. It was the Tractor Boys who took the lead with the softest of goals. Lichaj misjudging a long ball, and Murphy cutting inside to fire past Darlow.

My initial view was that Darlow should have done better, but not having seen it again since makes it hard to comment. I will do though. He should have saved it. I also had a mouth full of sick at that very point in time, so it was a double whammy on my part.

Forest ended the half looking a little clueless if truth be told. I speculated at half-time whether or not this was the time to bring Lars on; take a leaf out of Big Sam’s book, and start lumping it. I know we all want to see silky passing football, but sometimes you have to mix it up and go to Plan C – much like I did when I swapped the usual half-time pint for a bottle of water. As the sickness disappeared so did Ipswich’s set piece defending – Big Bob Tesche sneaking in at the far post to bring the scores level.

From then on the game swung back and forth, resembling the last few minutes of a cup game. Some shocking defending presented Murphy with an easy header, albeit it well taken. Prior to this, we had started to go back to front rather too quickly for the majority of the 24k’s liking. ‘Long ball rubbish’ I heard a few of them moan, though I myself was thoroughly enjoying it.

In fact I miss League One to be honest. They were the best days weren’t they? The Sheriff Nicky Eaden flying up the wing, with David Friio sitting in a deep line utility role in front of the back seven. Losing 3, 4 and 5-0 away at places like Oldham and Chester. We should endeavour to return to those heights as quickly as possible. No? Then stop moaning when we try different things to attempt to win a match.

Anyway, Viva Dan Harding won the corner which saw Antonio scramble home an equaliser. Seriously, I actually loved those last 20 minutes or so. I have no problem with us going direct. I’m praying for the day when Pearce sticks Darlow up front (AKA David James at Man City).

My brother said to me with 10 minutes to go: “Would you take a point?”

“Take it??” I replied. “I’d not only take it, I’d value it.”

And so it came to pass.


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