Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa may have inadvertently offered the FA a trial of safe standing during a breathless encounter on Wednesday evening.

Talk surrounding the reintroduction of terraces, or a modern twist on a staple feature of stadiums from years gone by, is starting to gather momentum.

Fans have offered their support and the relevant authorities are now racking their brains in an effort to determine how the demands of the public can be met.

Other European nations have shown the way forward, with Germany a prime example of how 21st century football can embrace supposedly dated ideals of the past.

Standing together

There are, of course, still many venues in England where you can, through choice, spend 90 minutes on your feet rather than your backside.

Away trips also see the notion of standing together embraced quite literally by those heading out on the road.

If there is no intention of using a seat, then why have it in the first place?

Those who paid a visit to Villa Park in midweek are likely to have been left wondering whether they have claims to a partial refund given that they spent little time occupying the piece of plastic assigned to them.

(Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)

With 10 goals providing an equal split in the enjoy/endure stakes, not to mention a red card thrown into the mix for the Reds and the chalking off of two late efforts from the hosts, sitting down may have been encouraged, but those calls were forever falling on deaf ears.

The official attendance at Villa Park was 32,868, and it is safe to assume that the vast majority left with aching limbs and sore throats.

If such an occasion can be enjoyed so raucously in spite of the presence of seats, then why shouldn’t said obstacles to even wilder celebrations be removed?

Fun police

Not entirely, as spending an afternoon/evening on your feet does not hold universal appeal, but the case for designated zones is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.

The FA and government will no doubt drag things out while conducting an investigation into the pros and cons, with the fun police dispatched and asked to jump through a baffling number of health and safety hoops, but a decision may one day be reached.

If those charged with making that call need a nudge in the right direction before giving the green light, then summoning witnesses of a 5-5 draw in the West Midlands could lead them down the most logical of paths.

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