Martin O’Neill is leaving it late, but deadline day is still shaping up to be a busy one for Nottingham Forest.

There is the promise of much more to come before the January window slams shut.

Pele has already been snapped up, as announced on the club’s official website, so Maradona and Zidane should be only a matter of time.

If they can’t be talked to Trentside, then there are plenty of other options to explore.

Such as Leo Bonatini, with a loan deal for Wolves’ Brazilian striker also confirmed on the Reds’ official website.

O’Neill appears to be giving his contact book a good bashing.

Barely an hour goes by without a fresh round of rumours being added to the pot.

It is a great day for fans.

Will we get him? Is he any good? We need to steer well clear of him!


(Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

For managers, though, the final day of the window can be a living nightmare.

Desperately trying to get bodies on board, those charged with the task of delivering results know they have merely a matter of hours in which to bolster the ranks.

Fail to complete the required business and you will be left to make do until the summer.

O’Neill is not a fan of this recruitment scramble.

A decade ago, while in charge of Aston Villa, the Northern Irishman made it quite clear where he stands on the January window.

He said, as covered by Sky Sports: “Should the transfer window stay? I hope not. It is a waste of a month.

“You have got to look at this situation because it’s claustrophobic. I see it serving no fantastic benefit. I don’t know what the point of it is.



“An extension of time at least would be something. I know that the reason for it coming in was so that clubs couldn’t end up effectively being able to buy the European Cup and I accept that you can’t go on buying forever.

“You can’t arrive at a cup final and still have the ability to buy nine players the night before. But a bit of an extension would do no harm.”

The Reds boss may be making similar mutterings as we speak.

Rocking back and forth at his desk, redial button taking a hammering: “I need more time!”

He isn’t going to get it.

Come 11pm this evening, Forest will either be well stocked to mount a promotion push or cursing their luck and setting more long-term goals.

Will it all have been ‘a waste’?

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