Forget the past, ignore the future and focus on the present.

That is the message coming out of the City Ground, and it is a sensible one.

What has gone before cannot be altered.

That which is still to come will take care of itself.

The only matters which can be directly impacted are the events of here and now.

And for that reason, they require full and undivided attention.

Dubious calls from match officials have been and gone.

Summer transfer plans are for a later date.

A meeting with Swansea City on Saturday should be dominating collective thoughts.


(Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)

Ben Osborn has said in the Nottingham Post when offering an insight into the mindset of those charged with generating results: “The manager’s just tried to make sure we realise that every game is absolutely massive and that we’ve got to all pull together and do everything we can because we’re fighting for this season.

“We can’t be looking past that at next season or building for a long-term future, it’s now where we need to step up.”

Too right, Benji.

It may be a tired cliché, but “one game at a time” has to be the Reds’ mantra at this point.

That picture can, of course, shift dramatically in a short space of time.

Forest are about to take in four games in 14 days – against Swansea, Rotherham, Sheffield Wednesday and Blackburn.

When the full-time whistle sounds against Rovers on April 13, the outlook can be markedly different.

It may be bleaker.

It could be a darn sight rosier.

That is the point being hammered into those painting the aforementioned picture.



The potential remains to create a masterpiece.

Work carefully, with consideration taken in every stroke, and the end result could be worth millions.

Start to rush things, with pressure and expectation proving too much, and you will end up with chip paper rather than a creative canvas.

Nobody knows how things will play out.

That is the beauty of sport.

We can, however, ensure that we put ourselves in the best possible position to be successful.

Contract talks and transfer wish lists can wait.

Stadium redevelopment and record-breaking season ticket sales can be embraced at a more suitable time.

For now, the present is all that matters.

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