Nottingham Forest fans do not need to be told that promotion to the Premier League would be a “game-changer”.

Or that an extra £120 million in the transfer kitty would be quite useful.

Said rewards have been the carrot on the end of a very long stick for the best part of 20 years.

There have been occasions when it felt like the ultimate prize was within reach.

Only to then see it snatched away.

That could be the case again this season, with a play-off spot still up for grabs.

Miss out on a top-six finish and the most sought-after of vegetables disappears from sight for another 12 months.

Failure would be frustrating, but not disastrous.

There is a much bigger picture being painted at the City Ground.

One which includes record-breaking season ticket sales and a long-awaited facelift for a famous old home.


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The long-term plan also, apparently, involves spreading the good word Forest to every corner of the globe.

Chief commercial officer David Cook has told BBC Radio Nottingham’s ‘The Terrace’ of top tier aspirations: “It’s a game changer in terms of the income from the Premier League.

“The £110m/120m that comes from Sky, we would be able to use that to enhance the playing squad, but at the same time, you can look to build the club and invest in certain things – the nice-to-haves, rather than the essentials.”

He added on the potential of a club that went to Europe and won the cup twice: “We’re lucky that we’ve got that great story about the club from winning European Cups.

“If we go into the Premier League, we’ve got a real opportunity to jump and elevate the club’s brand in growing markets like China, Malaysia, Indonesia, big population bases where the interest in the story will elevate us above a lot of clubs which have been established Premier League clubs.”



Woah there, David.

We are taking a sizeable leap from cracking the Championship to conquering Asia.

Such ambition is to be applauded, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

One step at a time will do just fine for now.

Get the West Bridgford house in order before worrying about Beijing and Bangkok.

Cook is, of course, commenting on ideal world scenarios.

The ifs, buts and maybes.

If Forest were to get promoted, this could happen.

There is a long road to be taken, though, between the banks of the Trent and the Great Wall and Forest need to ensure that they do not try to run before they can walk.

That elusive carrot needs to be grabbed first.

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