Nottingham Forest need to “trust” Martin O’Neill’s transfer calls and adopt a “glass half full” mentality, says Garry Birtles.

Easier said than done.

In many ways, trust has to be earned.

O’Neill has plenty of credit in the bank from his playing days, but is putting his own stamp on the Reds for the first time.

Yes, he had the January window to work with, but his remit then was tweaking rather than reworking.

The challenge now is finding the elusive final pieces of a promotion jigsaw.

Plenty of names are being mentioned.

Some of them would unquestionably aid the collective cause.


Original Image: Nottingham Forest/Graphic Design: Beth Davenport

Others could be considered something of a gamble or completely unrealistic.

As Birtles has pointed out, there is no “bottomless pit of money”.

There will be funds but, with the first team squad already far too big at the City Ground, it could be that sales are required in order to make signings.

O’Neill has to strike the balance between those he lets go and those he brings in.

Birtles has said in the Nottingham Post: “It’s not black and white and it’s not a bottomless pit of money.

“It seems like Martin is going to have to shop a little more smartly this summer but that can be done.

“He will have a list of players he will want to come in and players he will want to move out. I’m sure he’s working tirelessly.

“Fans need to trust in what he is doing. You have to be glass half full, not glass half empty.

“There were some decent results at the end of the season when he looked at everyone.

“He’ll have decided who he wants to keep and move on. One stumbling block is that these days it’s not easy to move people on.”



That is a problem.

Forest have players tied to contracts that they have no intention of giving game time to.

And those deals will likely be more lucrative than ones on offer elsewhere.

Ripping up said terms would be the preference, but that can be difficult to put into practice.

O’Neill has more on his plate than he would like.

He will, however, have been aware of what he was letting himself in for when taking the reins.

The glass was certainly emptying at that point.

He is yet to convince everybody that he is the man to provide a refill, but he does have the opportunity this summer to earn faith from those returning to the Trentside well once more.

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