Nottingham Forest are stepping into the unknown with new boss Sabri Lamouchi, but that could prove to be a positive.

He is, after all, no footballing novice.

The Reds have not handed the reins to a complete rookie.

They are merely taking a different approach.

It is one that has failed before, with Philippe Montainer part of the recent past, but the dice is being rolled again.

And why not.

If at first you don’t succeed etc, etc.

Lamouchi will be bringing fresh eyes and a new approach to the City Ground.

He may have no experience of English football, but he knows all about life at the top of the game.


Original Image: Nottingham Forest/Graphic Design: Beth Davenport

In many ways, he could prove to be the perfect fit for Forest.

There is no baggage with him.

No historical ties to the club or unrealistic expectations regarding past achievements.

Former Reds star Guy Moussi believes that can work in Forest’s favour, telling the Nottingham Post: “It can be good when people have not heard of you. We, as fans – and I am a fan of Forest – become too demanding.

“If you have a manager with a big CV and a big reputation, then we are even more demanding; even more expectant. I hope the fact that some Forest fans might not know him, might mean that he is given time to do his job; given time to adjust to the Championship.

“We have to realise that the Championship is a totally different league. You can have a good start to the season, then something can change.

“The fact that this is a manager that many people might not know, will hopefully ensure there is less pressure on his shoulders. Hopefully he can bring success to Forest.”

Lamouchi will have to adapt quickly to his current surroundings.

He has the summer to adjust, but will need to hit the ground running when competitive action resumes.


It remains to be seen what he brings to the party.

Pre-season will likely deliver more experimentation.

A home date with West Brom on August 3 will deliver a first window into what to expect from the Reds’ class of 2019-20.

Moussi is feeling positive, with the ex-midfielder adding: “At Rennes, he liked to play good football. He liked to play from the back, he liked players with good technique, he was tactical – but it was always something more offensively minded.

“It was not football where you just had the ball at the back, where you stayed compact – it was enjoyable to go and see Rennes play under him.

“At Rennes, he had a team that played a good style of football. Hopefully he will bring that to Forest as well.”

Playing the ‘right way’ has long been the expectation at the City Ground.

Few since Brian Clough have managed to deliver, but the collective philosophy remains the same.

If Lamouchi buys into that and delivers where it matters – out on the field – then it will not take long for his reputation in England to be enhanced.

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