Sabri Lamouchi has promised a “busy” end to the transfer window at the City Ground, so Nottingham Forest must now deliver.

The man at the helm wants movement in and out.

With only 72 hours left in which to do business, he is going to have to work quickly!

The Reds have until 5pm on Thursday to keep arrival and departure lounges busy.

Trimming the squad is an obvious priority.

Lamouchi has said in the Nottingham Post: “We cannot work with a lot of players. I prefer to work with less players.

“As I told you before, I expect to be busy. But it depends on the opportunity.

“We are looking for players. We would like to do this.”


Image Credit: Nottingham Forest

He added: “We are looking to move players out as well as in. We are looking for opportunities to make signings.

“Maybe yes, maybe no. It depends on the opportunity, it depends on the club, it depends on the players – it depends on many things. We will try, of course.”

Forest must ensure their efforts are rewarded.

There are still several issues to address despite the 2019-20 season having now been opened.

The release of the squad numbers for the new campaign highlighted a painfully obvious point.

That being that Forest have far too many players.

Getting rid of a few will be tricky, but overloading will do nobody any favours in the long run.

A 2-1 defeat to West Brom also offered clarity when it comes to further additions.

Right-back and up front have been areas of concern for some time.

They remain so with the clock ticking.



Bolstering those ranks is imperative, but the stockpiling needs to stop.

The revolving door policy when it comes to managers has left the Reds in this situation, with each appointment wanting to bring in his own players.

Which is all well and good, but only if the deadwood is cast adrift.

Forest have started that process this summer, but still have plenty to do.

Discussions regarding incomings and outgoings is not ideal, given the numbers involved, but the Reds must play the hand they have been dealt.

The next three days will go a long way towards determining how things play out from here.

Be productive in the right ways and a springboard can be found in which to launch a swallow dive towards the top six.

Look busy but deliver little and another belly flop lies in store.

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