Another summer of transfer activity has come to a close for Nottingham Forest, with the Reds looking slightly less “frightening” than they did.

That is the word Kenny Burns has used when passing judgement on recent recruitment drives.

For the Reds legend, some questionable business has been done.

And it is difficult to argue with him.

The Scot has said in the Nottingham Post: “I do question their overall recruitment policy.

“If Forest managed their recruitment better over a period of time, would they need to sell a young player to keep things on an even keel, I’m not so sure.

“When you look at the sheer amount of players signed in the last couple of years under various different managers, it is frightening, especially when you consider what little impact they’ve had.”


Original Image: Nottingham Forest/Graphic Design: Beth Davenport

Burns was speaking in the wake of an £8 million deal covered by BBC Sport that has taken Arvin Appiah away from the City Ground.

The 18-year-old winger is now on the books of Spanish side Almeria.

Mixed would probably be the best way of describing the response of the Forest faithful to that announcement.

For some a sale has been sanctioned that has the potential to come back and bite the Reds on the backside.

To others, a sizeable fee has been generated by a bit-part player helping to balance the books.

Whatever your take, Appiah is part of the past.

And he was by no means the only one to head through the exits on Monday.

Liam Bridcutt, Jason Cummings and Daryl Murphy have also moved on in a variety of different agreements.

In an ideal world, a few more would have joined the exodus.

Forest are, however, lighter on numbers – 25 figures have bid farewell over recent months (including loan spells ending).

January will bring more movement, while a whole host of players – loan and permanent – are due to be out of contract next summer.



With that in mind, the Reds are not as ‘frightening’ as they were.

Yes, some bad business has been done and righting those wrongs will not be easy.

More major surgery is required.

If Forest are to become as pleasing on the eye as they dream of being, then a few nips and tucks are necessary.

The ball is rolling.

Initial reconstruction work has been identified and overseen.

There is more to come and a full transformation from beast to beauty can be completed if lessons from mistakes of the past are heeded and not repeated.

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