Nottingham Forest saw another two points slip through their grasp on Tuesday, with the Reds urged to starting use Liverpool and Manchester City as inspiration.

Easier said than done, admittedly.

To be making any kind of comparison between Championship top-six hopefuls and Premier League title challengers is a little farfetched.

Stay with me though.

Ryan Yates is the man to have called on Forest to set their sights on the very top.

The loftiest of benchmarks is being set.

For the Reds midfielder, Sari Lamouchi’s side need to take a leaf out of Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola’s playbook.

Most notably the part regarding going for the jugular.

Liverpool and City are not the type to amble their way into a game and get a feel for things before stepping on the gas.


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For them, the only way to operate is to go from nought to sixty as quickly as possible.

With no letting up once hitting top gear.

Strike early, decisively and keep piling on the pressure.

If possible, offer no glimmer of hope to those caught up in the onslaught.

Hardly painting a picture of Forest in 2019-20 are we?

Lamouchi’s Reds have favoured caution over ambition, with success to this point built from the back.


There are no gaping holes to pick at there.

It is, however, imperative that something is constructed upon the foundations put in place.

And that once work starts, it is properly supported and not allowed to blow over.

Forest were very much in a house made of straw against Middlesbrough in midweek, with the Reds once again retreating into their shell after getting their noses in front.



Yates told the club’s official website after that contest: “It might be down to a change in mentality, when you go 1-0 up you think that you have to protect the lead. Whereas I think, especially at home, we need to put teams to the sword and make it two or three and kill the game.

“Top teams kill games off; you see the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool go 3-0 or 4-0 and it is game over. That is what we need to add into our game.

“We need to have confidence that we aren’t going to concede and, not exactly flinging bodies forward, but keeping that solid base and attacking with numbers in the box and hopefully that second and third will come.”

He’s right, that is what needs to happen.

Attack will always be the best form of defence.

Pressing high and pinning opponents back should, in theory, deliver greater reward than sitting deep and inviting pressure.

Forest have bucked that trend at times this season, particularly when counter-attacking away from home.

Any promotion push should be a fluid process, though, with tweaks and improvements made along the way.

Expecting to become Liverpool or City-esque is more than a tad ambitious, but the theory is right and must start being put into practice.

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