In Brice Samba, Nottingham Forest have found themselves a very marketable asset – but that is not to say that transfer fears should be sparked.

The Congolese goalkeeper is yet to hit the six-month mark at the City Ground.

He has made quite an impact in a short space of time.

In a market place where value can be hard to find, the Reds have unearthed a bargain.

From relative unknown to talismanic presence in a matter of weeks!

Such meteoric rises rarely go unnoticed.

Especially when you ply your trade outside of the elite.

Transfer vultures can often pick at Premier League carcasses, so Championship sides are even more vulnerable.

There is, however, little reason to believe that the unthinkable could happen.

Another window is about to swing open and admiring glances will be shot in all directions.


Original Image: Nottingham Forest/Graphic Design: Beth Davenport

Plenty will be aware of Samba.

A reliable last line of defence is as important in footballing circles as a proven marksman in the final third.

Find someone to get goals, another to keep them out, and you will not go far wrong.

Hi there, Mssrs Grabban and Samba.

As Forest start to tick important boxes, it would be a surprise if any were allowed to be cleared.

Ambitious owners and exciting plans off the pitch suggest that any interest will be given short shrift.

There are plenty at the City Ground that could be considered saleable, but Samba is not one of them.

The Reds are in a position to dictate proceedings in January.

If they want to let players go, then suitors can be sought.



Anyone they want to bring in should have already been sounded out.

If a player is not for sale, then there is no discussion to be held.

Money talks, but Mr Marinakis already has plenty and will be in no rush to further line his pockets.

Financial Fair Play is of no pressing concern at present, so prized assets will not be parted with.

Reds legend Kenny Burns has said of Samba in the Nottingham Post: “I’d be making it very clear that Brice Samba is not for sale. Teams can take one of the other goalkeepers off our hands, no problem. But Samba is ours. I’d be warning them not to even think about looking at him.

“He’s proving to be one of the best signings of last summer and can be a key player if we’re going to be challenging for promotion. We need him.”

A case of stating the obvious in many ways, but a point worth making.

Samba is going nowhere, along with anyone else that Sabri Lamouchi considers to be integral to future plans.

Interest, if there is any, should be viewed as flattering rather than concerning.

The mindset now is: Look but don’t touch!

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