If Nottingham Forest are to bring any fresh faces on board before heading to Reading on Saturday, then the clock is ticking.

To the point that there are now less than 24 hours in which to work.

Business in any given window should never feel forced.

It is always better to be patient and get the right recruitment completed than to rush negotiations and take unnecessary risks.

You would, however, hope that there is plenty in the pipeline.

Discussion regarding potential additions has raged for some time now.

Apparent priorities have been laid out, with everyone having an opinion on the areas which should be bolstered and the personnel who could tick those boxes.

Outside of the City Ground’s inner sanctum, those opinions count for nothing.

Sabri Lamouchi and the Reds board are calling the shots.

They know what needs to be done.


Image Credit: Nottingham Forest

Lamouchi has made it clear that he hopes to see his ranks bolstered before the end of the month.

It would, however, be preferable if a mad rush to beat the deadline could be avoided.

Late business may be required.

Injuries and suspensions may be picked up over the coming weeks, forcing Forest to address issues that are not immediately apparent.

For now, though, there are obvious moves to be made.

Over a week into 2020 and Lewis Grabban is still waiting on another striker to join him on Trentside.

Plenty of names have been mooted, but no paperwork has been signed.

Are we closing in on such a situation?

And if so, can a signing be rubberstamped before heading to the Madejski Stadium?


If that is to be the case, then said player would need to be registered by 12pm on Friday.

EFL transfer rules state: “43.8 Subject to Regulations 43.2, 43.3 and 57, a Player will only be eligible to play in a match organised by The League if the appropriate forms for his registration or the transfer of his registration (including, for the avoidance of doubt, Temporary Loan Transfers) are:

“43.8.1 submitted (in such manner as the League shall specify from time to time) to and received by The League by 12.00 noon on the day prior to the date of such match; and

“43.8.2 confirmed by the League to be in order.”

With all of that taken into account, can Forest get something/anything over the line.

If not, then Lamouchi will select from a familiar squad when heading out on the road this weekend.

It could be argued that is no bad thing, given how the season has played out.

Any arrivals at this stage would have little time in which to adjust to new surroundings/team-mates.

Bringing them in early next week would provide a more suitable preparatory platform.

Time is, however, a precious commodity in January windows and Forest should be looking to move for the right players when they become available, regardless of when those opportunities arise.

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