Nottingham Forest star Neco Williams has hit back brilliantly after an ill-judged tweet from ex-Premier League player Curtis Woodhouse. The right-back was forced out of Wales v England on Tuesday night with a suspected concussion.

Tests have come back positive for the Forest man. It’s been claimed that he didn’t suffer a concussion and he was free to fly home with the rest of his teammates after their World Cup exit.

Williams felt the full force of a rasping Marcus Rashford shot. The thunderbolt hit him right on the top of his head and after carrying on for 10 minutes or more, he was forced off by the medical staff.

Williams hit back Woodhouse
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Woodhouse took straight to Twitter. He implied that Williams was ‘pathetic’ for going off after merely, in his words, ‘taking a ball to the head’. Frankly, his comment was ignorant beyond belief.

Lots of research is currently being done into the connection between heading the ball and problems later on in a player’s life. Chris Sutton and Alan Shearer are both big backers of more being done with regard to football taking head injuries seriously.

Williams clearly didn’t want to leave the field of play. It was always likely to be the last game of the tournament for Wales and the Forest man will now have to wait four years to play in another World Cup.

Williams has hit back and he’s dead right

If Woodhouse’s comment was a poorly placed yorker, Williams has whacked it straight back over his head akin to Ben Duckett in the Pakistan sunshine earlier this morning!

Williams has hit back in emphatic fashion. Woodhouse would certainly be wise to read up on the impacts of head injuries. Indeed, as a former British Boxing Champion, you’d think he’d be a little wiser.

Williams hit back Woodhouse
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The 21-year-old was crestfallen to head off the field. He played in the first game for Wales despite discovering his grandfather had passed away on the eve of the tournament and it proved an emotional night.

Williams doesn’t have to answer to anyone. Not least Woodhouse. He gave his all at the World Cup and in playing three games at the World Cup, he’s played three times the amount that Woodhouse did.

More needs to be done by the football powers that be over head injuries. Perhaps the situation involving Williams can be the incident that sparks certain people into life.

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