Joe Worrall bemoaned Nottingham Forest and their ineptitude defensively but frankly, talk is becoming cheap. The Reds now need some action, with certain players needing to look at themselves in the mirror.

The 26-year-old will be hurting at the moment. Worrall, along with several other players seems like a completely different player when he’s not on home soil at the City Ground.

Speaking after yesterday’s game, Worrall told Nottinghamshire Live: “We didn’t do well enough to recover the third and fourth and that period was not good enough and too soft.

Worrall talk cheap
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“Two goals in two minutes is not acceptable at this level. It’s a big step up for everybody and if you concede two on the bounce you don’t deserve anything from the game.”

This isn’t the first time it’s happened though. How many more times will fans have to hear a Forest player come out and say that it’s unacceptable to concede and then immediately concede again?

Last season, the Reds were a match for anyone in the Championship. This season that steely determination has so often been replaced with a soft underbelly that is threatening to derail the survival mission.

Worrall means well. He says the right things and of course, he cares deeply about the football club. Now, however, there is a real sense that actions mean more than words and a solid performance is owed from the team.

Steve Cooper as the manager will continue to take the flak. Now, however, is the time for the players to stand up and be counted as Forest look to bounce back from the West Ham debacle.

Forest bemoaned by Worrall but talk is becoming cheap

As the captain, Worrall has to be responsible for rallying the troops. Forest’s leader is needed more than ever right now and tougher tests than yesterday are on the horizon away from home.

Worrall talk cheap
(Photo; Jon Hobley; MI News; NurPhoto; Getty Images)

Worrall is a decent enough player. Right now, however, he’s making silly errors and it would appear that there is a confidence crisis with the Forest captain at the moment.

It’s becoming deeply frustrating for supporters to have to keep listening to the same stuff after every away day disaster. As a result, the time has now come for Forest to stop the talking and put on a worthwhile performance away from home.

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