BBC Radio Nottingham pundit Steve Hodge did something incredibly touching before Liverpool took on Nottingham Forest at the weekend. With another anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster recently taking place, the man who played for Forest paid his own tributes.

In 1989 97 football supporters went to watch their team play in the semi-final of the FA Cup and never returned home. Liverpool have been fighting for justice ever since and once again this year, tributes were paid.

Forest Hodge
Photo; Andrew Powell; Liverpool FC; Getty Images

It’s the first time in many seasons that Forest and Liverpool have played each other in the Premier League. It just so happens that the game at Anfield happened to fall close to the latest anniversary.

In the sixth minute of the fatal game 34 years ago, lives changed forever. Forest fans unveiled a banner in the away end on Saturday, demanding an end to supporters chanting about such tragedies.

It’s a sad state of affairs in the modern era when supporters sing about events such as Hillsborough. Liverpool fans do find themselves in the firing line more often than not and frankly change is required.

Hodge did something incredibly touching before Forest clash on Saturday

The man who played in an FA Cup Final for the Reds, was in the squad when Brian Clough took his team to play Liverpool in the semi-final at Hillsborough. On Saturday, he paid his respects.

Before the Anfield clash, Hodge was spotted laying a wreath of flowers at the stadium with a memorial permanently in place at the home of Liverpool.

It was an incredible y touching and poignant moment that puts Forest’s current plight into perspective. Hodge is a good man and clearly, he was keen to pay his respects before taking his place on commentary.

It’s high time that tragedy chanting was now banished to the dark ages. Everyone in sport is entitled to an opinion but whichever way you look at it, singing at football about people dying is just sick and large bans need to be handed out to those people.

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