The response to Nottingham Forest midfielder Ryan Yates seeing red at Bristol City has been mixed, to say the least.

That would be a polite way of reflecting on the social media fallout to a goalless draw at Ashton Gate.

Sabri Lamouchi’s side battled bravely to another valuable point in the South West, with 10 heroes seeing the full-time whistle.

One unfortunate soul was already taking in an early bath by then.

An ugly and rather ill-advised lunge saw Yates given his marching orders in the 56th minute.

A rush of blood could have proved far more costly than it did.

Which would have only served to heighten the sense of frustration among many.

It is fair to say that Yates’ reckless challenge won him few admirers.

For some he is a liability and a man who can no longer be trusted.

Which is a rather sweeping judgement to pass on a 22-year-old who has only previously been sent off once in his senior career – during a loan spell at Shrewsbury in 2017.


(Credit: Jon Hobley | MI News)

He is hardly in Roy Keane territory just yet!

And his game is all about being tenacious and getting stuck in.

If he wasn’t doing that, with the game allowed to pass him by, then there would be more serious questions asked of his contribution and continued involvement.

As things stand, he has merely blotted the copybook, rather than torn it up.

Lamouchi told the Nottingham Post in the wake of a stalemate in Bristol: “It was the first red card for us this season but I think it was a logical decision from the referee.

“Our young players need to learn about these type of details as they can change the game.

“We know Ryan and he needs to control himself about some duels. He was really disappointed and upset, but he will learn. This can happen.

“Better it happens now.”

Skipper Ben Watson added on the club’s official website: “I didn’t actually see the tackle but I’m told it’s more the way Yatesy has gone in that has caused the red card.

“These things happen in football though and that is the way Yatesy is as a player, he’s full-blooded and we see that every day in training.”

Valid points made by two experienced heads.

Lamouchi and Watson have been there, done it, got the t-shirt, fridge magnet and commemorative mug.



If they aren’t overly concerned by Yates’ actions, then why are so many outside of the camp?

In the grand scheme of things, the events of Saturday afternoon should be considered part of a much bigger learning curve.

Is Yates learning the hard way? Yes, but that is no bad thing.

Emotion is a big part of a home-grown midfielder’s makeup.

To rid him of that would be akin to tying one hand behind his back.

He doesn’t need to drastically change his ways, just tweak them a little and rein things in a bit.

Do that and there will be plenty more minutes to see in the future.

A ban has come at the wrong time for him, having only recently returned from injury to force his way back into contention.

With others shaking off knocks of their own, such as Alfa Semedo and Samba Sow, Yates may get longer to reflect on his moment of madness than he would have liked.

This is not the end, though, merely the start of another new chapter.

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