Loic Bade has once again been discussing his time with Nottingham Forest during an interview in Spain.

For someone who didn’t play for the Reds, he doesn’t half talk about his time at the City Ground a lot.

This time he’s been holding an interview with Diario La Escuadra about the fact that he didn’t play in six months at Forest.

Bade Forest
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It did prove bizarre that Bade never played. Ultimately, Steve Cooper just preferred other options and the 23-year-old saw his loan cancelled in January.

Bade is growing as a player at Sevilla and he’s apparently delighted that Forest chose not to play him.

Had he made a competitive appearance for Forest, he’d have been unable to play for another club during the 2022/23 campaign.

He told Diario La Escuadra: “I’ve been to three clubs in one year. It’s been tough, but that’s football.

“Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s harder. I didn’t play any games. In France, we say it’s a bad for a good.

“If I had played at Nottingham I wouldn’t be here, because you can’t play for three clubs in one year, but because I didn’t play, I’m here.

“Monchi knew me from before when I was at Rennes. He spoke to my agent, and I spoke to him, very well, I felt very good and that’s why all the people know that Sevilla is a great club and that’s why I directly wanted to come here.”

Bade has once again been discussing his time at Forest

Another day, another interview with Bade talking about his time at Forest.

Okay, he might see his failed City Ground spell as six months of his career that he can’t get back, but come on now!

It does seem as though the French defender simply cannot resist sticking the boot into Forest.

Bade Forest
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Cooper clearly didn’t fancy him and sadly for him, that’s football. He does actually concede as much during his recent interview.

Bade would be wise to let this lie now.

He’s thriving at Sevilla, whilst Forest struggle and essentially he’s had the last laugh over the Premier League club.

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