Richard Keys has made a comical Nottingham Forest prediction that will leave the club’s supporters in absolute stitches. The sacked Sky Sports presenter is known for criticising Forest and hasn’t been enamoured by the Reds since they returned to the Premier League.

The Reds are staring at the Championship once again after a single season in the top flight. Sunday’s defeat to Manchester United leaves them in the bottom three of the division.

Forest Keys
Photo; LINDSEY PARNABY; AFP; Getty Images

Forest need to start winning games very soon. Otherwise, the club will get relegated and Steve Cooper will probably struggle to cling to his job as the club’s head coach.

Evangelos Marinakis has not been happy with the recent form. He released a statement earlier this month suggesting that results and performances needed to improve and they really haven’t.

Keys has taken a told-you-so style opinion on the club’s current affairs. He’s claimed that he feels sympathy for Steve Cooper and he predicted that the club would be relegated.

He actually made a two-part prediction earlier in the season. He’s mentioned the second aspect of it once again and Forest fans will be in stitches.

He said in his latest blog: “It’s to be hoped that the signings they made have clauses in their contracts that allow for relegation. If not – part 2 of my prediction will come true and the club will be in administration in the Championship. Marinakis – and his chaos – will be a distant but expensive memory.”

Keys makes comical Forest claim

Okay, perhaps the number of new players was excessive. However, we’re now in April and Cooper still hasn’t found a style of play that seemingly suits the players at his disposal.

Keys’ words could actually motivate Forest. He’s talking like the Reds are already down and perhaps this blog should be pinned on the dressing room wall for the next few weeks.

Forest Keys
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The claim made by Keys is absolutely ridiculous. Marinakis has turned a large amount of debt into shares at the club and he won’t be going anywhere even if the club are relegated.

In terms of being in administration, what on earth is Keys on about? Is he forgetting about parachute payments and also the fact that other teams have come into the Premier League, spent money and then been relegated straight away?

Keys simply loves to stick the boot in and Forest fans will be in stitches at this prediction of his.

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